Monday, February 15, 2010


So I've heard about this old abandoned factory that is amazing for taking pictures for years now. I remember Robb talking about it freshman year. I think I need to get out there sometime. I think it's in Algonquin. I just need to find someone to go with me, so I actually carry through on my plan. Thought it would be sick to get some pictures for my portrait project in there [Did I just say sick in a positive way? These Chicagoans are changing me....]

Oh, Baranski was saying today that we need to do a photo response to a photograph in the Art Institute. It's free this month! I think I will be doing fun stuff this weekend. Not too much due this next week, (but the week after is finals...yuck) so I need to get this fun photography stuff done before I get too busy. Professor Baranski also said that her class will be learning how to work the light on Wednesday, so I'm going in for half an hour of that class and finally learning the studio lights. [about time] So, this weekend hopefully entails an abandoned toy factory and Chicago. Hope it's nice. Anyone want to join me?

I wish it wasn't Monday.

Well, my roomie (who got engaged last night!) said I need to take a nap if she is going to let me stay up all night [i slept for two hours last night]. So, I'm going to get this nap over with and then get back to my Picasso paper. ugh, how I loathe that man. He was a perverted, disgusting man. Can't I just write a paper on the awesomeness of God instead?
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