Tuesday, May 25, 2010

LightRoom 3

I just downloaded the Lightroom3, beta 2 version from Adobe. Haven't played around too much with it, mostly imported my [ahem] 10,116 images. I am thinking I need to seriously organize and label those suckers before it really gets out of hand....... Well, I was browsing through Lightroom when I realized I have been taking pictures of just buildings and landscape-ish stuff. [I had 3 pages of restaurants that I had to take for my internship] SO I need to make a point of shooting people, now that I have time. Anyway, I am quite impressed with Lr3. It's getting closer and closer to the features the Photoshop has. But the workflow is so much easier in Lightroom, definitely recommend it

Now if only it would have the the mind-reading powers to synch with iTunes and play what I need during long editing sessions. 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Newspaper Stands

I took this picture while shooting for my internship (restaurants for the Elgin website). Believe it or not, this little building is a restaurant. Kendall's Kountry Kitchen. Looked cute, but it was closed so I couldn't go inside. Sad day.