Monday, August 8, 2011

How spiffy my jiffy is!

I got this amazing camera at a flea market in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. I came out to Bemidji with my mom for a mini-vacation. Stayed at a Bed and Breakfast. I highly recommend Villa Calma if you are in the area. 
Anyway. . . I love this camera! Took me too long to figure out how to open it. (blonde roots) The bellows are in great condition, but looking through the lens is near impossible. You can see different colors, but everything is very, um, shall we shall abstract? I plan on buying 120 film, since 616 is no longer manufactured. There is a little bit of a zoom. One side is 5-10 feet and the other is beyond 10ft.

I'm still figuring out this gorgeous thing. I know it was made in the 30s, which makes me wonder who could afford to buy a camera during the Depression. A film addict. 

Jiffy Kodak six-16

Monday, August 1, 2011


Some of my extended family was able to come to our house this weekend. The only bad part about the weekend was that I didn't actually have a bed. I thought that since I used to sleep on the floor when I was ten, I would be okay. Well I've got news for you. I'm old now. That doesn't work so well anymore. But I digress.

My cousin's 4 year-old daughter brought these five things to me while a bunch of us were sitting on the porch. She asked if I wanted to hold her "pretties." It's interesting spending time with toddlers. They have such a different perspective than we so-called adults do. You see that kind of whispy looking thing? That's what she wanted me to protect. When I first looked at it, I considered it a weed of sorts. However, as I had no choice but to keep it in my custody, I inspected it a bit more closely. 

She was right. It was beautiful. This whimsical thing reminded me of something that Uta Barth would have been inspired by.

I need to spend more time with toddlers.