Sunday, February 14, 2010

[interesting title here]

This blog is really forcing me to take more pictures. Kind of the point though, I guess. I definitely took more pictures freshman year. I let myself get too busy. :-( I'm not really even involved in anything. My priorities just aren't straight. I spend too much time doing random things and complaining about papers and projects. I always thought that the hardest verse to live out was Philippians 2:14-- "Do everything without complaining or arguing."

So instead of giving you an actual picture tonight, I'm posting a video of one reason why photography is awesome. I recorded it on Friday actually, but the chocolate got first dibs on posting. Yeah, so I'm pretty lame in front of the camera, so don't ever interview me, you know who you are :-) And I'm not sure why I said peace out at the end. I always thought peace was an "in" thing :) Anyway, it isn't edited AT ALL! Pretty impressive right? No, just sheer laziness on my part.

BTW, new blog. I'm trying a "fashion" blog. Oh dear, why did I do that? Oh yeah, femininity is awesome. []

Edit: femininity is awesome for girls. Sorry, guys, just don't EVER wear v-necks or scarves. An actual winter scarf is fine, but why must you shop at H&M? [end of soapbox]
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