Monday, August 1, 2011


Some of my extended family was able to come to our house this weekend. The only bad part about the weekend was that I didn't actually have a bed. I thought that since I used to sleep on the floor when I was ten, I would be okay. Well I've got news for you. I'm old now. That doesn't work so well anymore. But I digress.

My cousin's 4 year-old daughter brought these five things to me while a bunch of us were sitting on the porch. She asked if I wanted to hold her "pretties." It's interesting spending time with toddlers. They have such a different perspective than we so-called adults do. You see that kind of whispy looking thing? That's what she wanted me to protect. When I first looked at it, I considered it a weed of sorts. However, as I had no choice but to keep it in my custody, I inspected it a bit more closely. 

She was right. It was beautiful. This whimsical thing reminded me of something that Uta Barth would have been inspired by.

I need to spend more time with toddlers.

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